Monday, December 15, 2008


The Dollar has been riding high and rising for most of this ECONOMIC TSUNAMI we have found ourselves enduring these past couple of months. This was purely and I dare say artificially created by a swarm of investors fleeing traditional investments from around the world into US TREASURIES.

It is a MATHEMATICAL IMPOSSIBILITY for the dollar to remain high based on the sheer amount of dollars the PRINTING PRESSES HAVE FIRED OUT these past few months...

I believe this chart shows the clear peak of the US dollar and it is now posed for a monumental fall below 70.

This will be very very painful for Americans ...

RID yourself of all US DOLLAR denominated assets you can now before its too late...

A shining example of what the results could be once the printing presses are used in such a manner is the Weimar Republic 1919 - 1933. This lead to Hitlers eventual rise to power as the German Republic of old lost control of its currancy supply in order to pay down debt. The hyper inflation that ensued was catastrophic.

I recommend Gold and Silver or real assets such as real estate / land ( a great bargain at the moment )

Your US Dollars and anything paid in US dollars will soon be worth much much less becuase of the inflation tsunami heading our way.

You have been warned.

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