Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kiss the Dollar Goodbye...

The Dollar Index is Crashing ( AS I PREDICTED IN MY POST 3 days AGO SEE BELOW ) ... its lost almost 12% this month and most of that in last few days ... IT IS IN FREEFALL

Whoa! You men paying attention? Stand up where you are, twist your body to the right, place your right hand in your back pocket, withdraw your wallet, pull out a green federal reserve note, lift it to your lips, and KISS THE DOLLAR GOOD-BYE!

You women will have to fish in your purses ten minutes to find your wallets, then dig out a buck and kiss it good-bye.

Not only have the Fed and the Treasury executed a coup d'etat and taken over the yankee government entire, the Fed reduced the Fed Funds rate to 0.5%, lowest level in history. But in case that doesn't work, they also have yet another new strategy: "quantitative easing." That is "Fedspeak" for printing money. Let the presses begin! Let there be money, and let it flood the hills & valleys, yea, let it flow into the shallowest pockets in the land, and let the desert economy bloom!

Folks, if any of y'all yet cling to the "deflationary" outcome, you had best let it go today. Although the economic outcome will be depression, the monetary outcome will be massive inflation, and quite likely, hyperinflation. The dollar will evaporate, while silver and gold prices will skyrocket, unless the laws of cause and effect have been repealed by a compliant congress.

All bets are off, friends, for any sort of peaceful landing. Every man for himself! Today your government and the private corporation that controls the economy and the money, the Federal Reserve, threw you, and the US dollar, out of the boat, with an anvil tied to your feet. Every one of us had better learn to swim.

As proof, bring forth the next exhibit, the US Dollar Index, which yesterday posted its biggest swing yet in a mighty long string of big swings, down a full 186 basis points to close at 80.22. Mercy! TODAY AT THIS MOMENT IT IS DOWN TO 78.5. This isn't currency exchange, it's Las Vegas. Stocks liked the lower dollar. The Dow rose 310 and the S&P500 37, but stocks still haven't broken out above the critical 9,000 Dow level.

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