Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MY THREE BEAUTIFUL KIDS .... the reason I use this blog to inform people is becuase of their future ...


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the kiddos..

Dan R.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family.
I read lots on GLP, but, have never posted there (too chicken to). Saw your message regarding your children and wanted to see.
I do not have any autistic children or grandchildren, as I'm a grandmother now..lol. My first and only grandson has Downs Syndrome. He's age 6 years and attends school in regular classes.
I've been right there with him since birth and my hubby and I even bought the house next door so he would always be near us. He's my world. Don't know what I would do if his parents ever decided to move. I think I'd die.
Sometimes he can be trying but it is those who make fun of others' handicaps that piss me off the most. I can't just reach over and smack them. I bite my tongue and know they are clueless to what life is all about.
Your children and my grandson will give us a vision of life unlike those who ridicule could ever imagine.
God bless you and your wonderful family. Thank you for sharing.
Connie Waters/FL