Thursday, January 8, 2009

I beleive excessive force is being used more and more and no one is saying a dam thing ... UNREAL - OFFICER ENTERS WRONG HOUSE FIRES SHOTS ....!!!!

NEW MARKET, Minn. -- A call about a domestic dispute led to shots being fired by a Scott County deputy in New Market.

Scott County sheriff Kevin Studnicka tells KARE 11 the deputy, whom he won't name until he's interviewed by investigators, was sent to a home in New Market on reports of a fight. When nobody answered the door at that address, the deputy forced his way inside. "He knocked on the door and was refused entrance. And again we were called to a domestic there, so he made forced entrance."

"I was just watching TV and then the guy comes banging on the door. Just sounds crazy. Just screaming open the door," the home's resident Justin Friedges said of the man who he thought was an intruder.

Justin says he and his brother Peter Friedges, who was also inside, ran upstairs yelling they had a gun and were calling 911.

"I was screaming get out. 911. I just barely got my head out and see a shadow of a guy and then a gun flash," Friedges said. He said it was the first of five shots.

Three entrance holes from bullets do mark the wall leading up the stairs at the house Justin rents from his father. Another hole can be seen on a wall upstairs. Friedges says the officer did not identify himself as a deputy until after firing shots.

Following the shooting the officer retreated from the house. The Friedges brothers later left their home without incident and were taken into custody while the details of the situation were sorted out.

"I almost felt the wind go by. They were whizzing right by me. It's crazy. It just happened so fast you don't know what's going on," Freidges added.

According to Sheriff Studnicka, it was later discovered that the original domestic dispute call, made from a cell phone, was from a building that was near the home at the same address.
No one was hurt in either incident.

Sheriff Studnicka said the officer involved in the shooting is on standard leave but has not yet been interviewed by Dakota County, the county handling the investigation.

The sheriff says the officer has been on force for four years and has never been involved in an incident like this. "He's a model employee," Studnicka said when asked of this officer's past performance

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