Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The US dollar about to be NUKED by 2011

The rise in the gold price during a US$ counter-trend rally foretells of a strong message.

THE GOLD PRICE IS HEADING TOWARD NEW HIGHS. ALSO, THE USDOLLAR IS SOON TO EXPERIENCE SHOCK WAVES. Patience for gold & silver investors will be greatly rewarded. Numerous stories support this claim. Heavy reliance upon the printing press, as in monetization of USTreasury Bonds, is the biggest immediate threat to paper money, and the biggest immediate positive prospect for gold.

The US Federal Reserve ( a private corporation ) has already announced this new policy, as they will purchase US Treasurys from expanded money supply created out of thin air as if by magic.

Any reluctance by foreign creditors to participate in auctions will exacerbate the movement.

Then there is the planned launch of the new Persian Gulf gold-backed currency in early 2010, which should act as a nuclear bomb against the USDollar in less than one year. ( ITS a SAD DAY when the ARAB oil producing states have figured out the dollar shell shell game being played and most Americans still have no clue what is going on nor do they even care.... )

That is the hidden motive for unprecedented attack of hedge fund crude oil positions by the sponsored Wall Street gangster bankers, aka banksters. That label is well deserved. Their crimes and protection given by USGovt authorities has been clear for the entire world to see. It has been revealed in plain view. Anyone who denies the criminal element in Wall Street, tied with ropes five feet thick to the USGovt ministries, is hopelessly blind at best, and compromisingly moronic at worst.

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